Tips for celebrating Christmas with HPUMC

Christmas Eve is such a special day when we get to proclaim the long-awaited Messiah has come! We are so excited to welcome you to HPUMC on this special day. Here are some important things to know to make your experience meaningful: ARRIVE EARLY We suggest arriving at least 30 minutes prior to th...

12/14/2021 Kids Ministry

What do kids at HPUMC think about Christmas?

No one gets more excited about this season than kids. But what are they looking forward to? And what does Christmas mean to them? We sat down with a few of our kiddos to find out.


Top 10 Most-Clicked Stories of 2021

10. HPUMC STEPS UP TO HELP DURING SEVERE WINTER WEATHER We had never experienced winter weather as severe and long-lasting as we did this past February. Not just in our community, but in the entire state. However, when disasters strike, our church family can always be counted on to help—it’s a pa...


Top 10 Most-Watched Sermons of 2021

10. How to Navigate Conflict | Rev. Matt Tuggle If you want to be good at life, you have to be good at conflict. As Rev. Tuggle shared this Sunday, some of us are great at avoiding conflict and others are great at starting conflict. Few of us are good at navigating conflict. In this message, we g...

12/09/2021 Inspirational

What’s the meaning and history of HPUMC’s Chrismon tree?

In the early 1980s, a long-standing HPUMC member, Nita Harkey, visited a small country church in Arkansas. There, she saw a unique Christmas tradition that the United Methodist Women of that congregation had established for their church—the Chrismon tree. This evergreen tree, found in Methodist...


Lisa Stewart to retire in mid-December

Lisa Stewart has been on staff at HPUMC since 2007, but she’s been living out the church’s mission long before that. Prior to joining the church’s staff, Lisa chaired the Church Council in 2000 and volunteered with HPUMC Kids and Youth ministries, something she credits with helping her become a ...

12/06/2021 by Rev. Camille May Inspirational

God’s promise about pain and loss

Throughout our lives, we celebrate many holidays and special days, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings. These are difficult days for the bereaved, but for many, the most difficult holiday of the year is Christmas. Family and holidays are synonymous, and it is at these tim...

10/19/2021 Kids Ministry

A milestone moment: Third-grade Bibles

Why do we do it? To celebrate and equip the third-grade students with their Bible and invite them to worship and feel the Holy Spirit in our worship venues. We want to encourage students by letting each one know they are welcome in our big services and an important part of the church. “Parents o...