08/18/2020 by Sharla Jolly Bible Reading

A Reflection on Psalm 91

Sierra pounded on the window of my office. I could hear her crying and begging to come in. At the time, I worked at a Children’s Home that sheltered teenagers who had been through severe abuse. Sierra was one of our young adults.As she entered, Sierra expressed concerns because she saw a man on c...

08/11/2020 by Katie Rose

Learning to wait during a global pandemic

You know what I really don't like? Waiting. Even from an early age, waiting was excruciating for me. (Growing up my dad loved to sing me Tom Petty's "The waiting is the hardest part" in that little singsongy reminder tone that parents use.) I do not like waiting. Which is pretty hilarious when I...

08/11/2020 by Dr. Jeremiah Booker Bible Reading

A Reflection on Psalm 146

While driving home from church, I was listening to my sports radio and minding my own business. Suddenly a person in an old pickup truck with music blasting drove alongside me. The driver was a young, white male dawning a shaved head, cut-off t-shirt, and wearing tattoos all over his arms. He was...


Rev. Paul Rasmussen signs statement on racial justice and equality

Rev. Paul Rasmussen, Senior Minister at HPUMC, recently joined with other Park Cities area pastors in signing a statement on racial justice and equality. You can read the entire letter below and see Rev. Rasmussen’s responses to questions about this momentous act of unity. How did this come abou...

08/05/2020 by Alyssa McHugh, Matt McHugh Bible Reading

A Reflection on Psalm 62: A Psalm of David

We rely on this Psalm during scary times in our walk with the Lord. Before we knew each other and now, in marriage, our scariest moments have been when we make decisions. And almost every decision we’ve made as a couple has been met with opposition. Both of us care way too much about what other p...

08/04/2020 by Kevin Crain Impact

Helping Dallas students succeed through Classroom Connect

School supplies. Clean uniforms. A working computer. Much of what we take for granted can be a barrier that keeps some students — in our own community — from learning. In an effort to unite the classroom and community, HPUMC is partnering with United to Learn, a non-profit committed to accelerat...

07/31/2020 by Rev. Paul Rasmussen

I remain optimistic

Dear HPUMC Family, For the past several weeks, our staff has worked diligently with plans to re-open for public worship this Sunday. We have missed welcoming all of you on Sunday mornings. I'm heartbroken to announce that given the latest information and infection rates of COVID-19, we will conti...

07/29/2020 by Hannah Buchanan Bible Reading

A Reflection on Psalm 90: a prayer of Moses, the Man of God

I can still hear the pine needles crunching beneath our feet. We were hiking. A week and a half into a drive from Seattle to LA, Ryan and I thought we should read, even try to memorize, a Psalm together. Early in our marriage, talking about the Bible was something we awkwardly fumbled our way thr...

07/14/2020 Impact

Africa University completed a new dorm!

Thanks to the support of HPUMC and our partnership with Arise Africa, a new dorm has been completed at Africa University! Students at the university admired its spaciousness, the amount of natural light, and all the new beds, study lamps, and more. Located in Zimbabwe, Africa University is one of...


What's Ahead

Dear HPUMC,Wow! We're already halfway through the summer. I decided it was time for an update. Instead of a lengthy email, I recorded a video. Take a look for some important details. Rev. Paul RasmussenSenior Minister