We are blessed to participate in this holy sacrament of baptism with your family. We believe that by choosing to have your child baptized, you are being connected to the body of Christ, the larger church family of HPUMC. The baptismal covenant is connectional in nature, made in public and witnessed by others who vow to support your family in nurturing the development of your child.

Infant Baptism Guidelines

When should we arrive? Please arrive 15 minutes early. You will receive directions the week before your scheduled baptism with venue-specific instructions.

Are pictures/videos allowed? Video can be taken during the service. No flash photography is allowed during the service. Pictures with the pastor are allowed after the service.

Can our family join us at the altar? Only immediate family members may come to the altar—parents and siblings.

Will I receive a copy of the baptism certificate? You will receive a baptism certificate during the next month, please check it for accuracy. If there is an inadvertent error, please contact Leslie Watson. This is a legal document and should be kept in a safe place for later use.


Cancellations: We understand if you need to cancel or your baby gets sick at the last minute. Please notify Leslie Watson.

Arrival: Please have all family members arrive 15 minutes prior to the service. Our Hospitality team will greet you and your family and take you to your reserved seats. Please reference the email with details instructions on where to sit per your venue.

Adult Baptism Guidelines

What is the significance of baptism?

The United Methodist Church believes that baptism is one of the two sacred acts that Jesus commanded his followers to practice. Throughout Christian history, baptism has been understood as the “sacrament of initiation” or entry into a life in Christ. We do not believe it is necessary for salvation, but it marks the beginning of the journey of faith and discipleship that lasts throughout a lifetime.

What do Methodists believe regarding baptism?

As United Methodists, we believe that the community of believers within the church is in a covenant relationship with God, and when baptized, a person becomes part of the church and is brought into that covenant. We believe that all this happens because of God’s grace—the unmerited, unconditional love of God for the world. Baptism is the outward act that symbolizes the cleansing, renewing, and life-giving grace of God we experience within our hearts.

I was baptized earlier in life but would like to do it again. Can I be baptized again?

Since we view baptism as a gift from God, we do not believe there is ever a need to be re-baptized. God got it right the first time, regardless of who else participated, when, or where it happened. The United Methodist Church recognizes and honors all Christian baptisms.

Why do United Methodist churches baptize infants?

Because we believe that God’s grace reaches us before we ask for or even know that we need it, United Methodists believe in the baptism of infants, children, and people who cannot make the decision themselves to be baptized. It is a powerful expression of the fact that God’s love and grace are offered to us even when we are unable or before we begin to respond to God.

I’m ready to join HPUMC but I haven’t been baptized. What’s next?

To schedule a baptism, contact Leslie Watson, 214-523-2122,

How can I plan for my child to be baptized?

We believe that by choosing to have your child baptized, you are being connected to the body of Christ, the larger church family of HPUMC. Therefore, it is our policy that at least one parent or grandparent must be a member of Highland Park United Methodist Church for your child to be baptized in one of our services. Click here for more information.