First year milestone: Uptown Church celebrates its first birthday

On February 6, Rev. Joy Gonzalez welcomed a crowd to a first birthday party at the House of Blues. This party was to celebrate a labor of love that took over two years of planning, and as Rev. Paul Rasmussen tells it, many knocks on his door from a passionate, persistent pastor who wanted to star...

02/01/2022 by Alex Yocum-Beeman Inspirational

Cindy's Story: The Art of the Doodle

“Doodling and coloring,” that’s how Cindy Johnston’s father, Jim, would describe what this father-daughter duo does together. But it’s so much more than that. It’s art. For over two decades, Cindy and Jim have teamed up to create unique masterpieces, rich in color and visual intrigue. After Jim...


Tips for celebrating Christmas with HPUMC

Christmas Eve is such a special day when we get to proclaim the long-awaited Messiah has come! We are so excited to welcome you to HPUMC on this special day. Here are some important things to know to make your experience meaningful: ARRIVE EARLY We suggest arriving at least 30 minutes prior to th...

12/14/2021 Kids Ministry

What do kids at HPUMC think about Christmas?

No one gets more excited about this season than kids. But what are they looking forward to? And what does Christmas mean to them? We sat down with a few of our kiddos to find out.


Top 10 Most-Clicked Stories of 2021

10. HPUMC STEPS UP TO HELP DURING SEVERE WINTER WEATHER We had never experienced winter weather as severe and long-lasting as we did this past February. Not just in our community, but in the entire state. However, when disasters strike, our church family can always be counted on to help—it’s a pa...