02/10/2021 Racial Justice

Looking back on the impact of our civil rights trip

Back in the summer of 2019, Rev. Paul Rasmussen accompanied several high school seniors from our Outreach Camp on a civil rights pilgrimage, exploring famous sites, museums, and more. It was a life-changing event for everyone involved. For the students that went, many different locations impacted...

02/09/2021 by Kent Roberts Racial Justice

Celebrating Joe Washington, HPUMC’s first African American pastor

Joe Washington first accepted the call to ministry as a teenager at a 1947 national Methodist youth conference, where famed missionary Dr. E. Stanley Jones spoke. However, because SMU’s Perkins School of Theology was closed to African Americans at the time, Joe went to Gammon Theological Seminary...


Uptown Church launches at House of Blues in Dallas

This weekend, HPUMC opened its 40th church, Uptown Church, for weekly worship at House of Blues after nearly a year of praying, planning, and preparing. Campus Pastor, Rev. Joy Gonzalez, acknowledged, “It seems like a difficult week and year with all that has happened in our world and lives to st...

01/11/2021 by Alex Johnston Inspirational

Why God Rested and You Should Too

The Sabbath. For years I’ve listened to messages that evoke the Sabbath as the primary reason we are called to leave margin and allow for rest in our weekly and yearly rhythms. These messages often cite the latest findings in psychology or human anatomy as evidence to drive home their point: hum...

01/05/2021 Racial Justice

Karla Nivens to start new role as Impact Team Associate Director

Karla Nivens has been singing in Cornerstone since 2003. First as one of the singers in the Cornerstone band and then, starting in 2013, as the Worship Leader. She’s felt at home at HPUMC since her very first Sunday and treasures all of the lasting friendships she’s formed over the years. It’s be...


HPUMC to start Uptown Church at House of Blues

On February 23, members of HPUMC gathered at the House of Blues in Dallas for incredible worship music, great fellowship, and to hear plans for our next campus in Uptown. Rev. Paul Rasmussen shared his vision for how we're going to reach more people in Dallas than ever before. “For 104 years, we ...


Top 10 most-watched sermons of 2020

This year was different. For the majority of 2020, most of us worshiped on a sofa rather than in a pew. However, while the building may have been closed, our church was not! Even in a pandemic, we persevered in our mission to help people become more deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ. One ...


Four things to look forward to in 2021

There’s so much going on at HPUMC just in the first few months of 2021! We’re kicking off the year with a new campus launch, events focused on slowing down, classes to help grow your faith, and so much more. Look below to see what’s coming up, when it’s happening, and how you can take part.


Five things you may have missed in 2020

It may have been a challenging year, but 2020 also produced plenty of positive, memorable moments in the life of HPUMC — a one-of-a-kind Easter celebration, conversations about racial justice, and thousands impacted through meals, Bible studies, and more. Our building may have been closed, but HP...


Eight tips for celebrating Christmas with HPUMC

Christmas Eve is such a special day when we get to proclaim the long-awaited Messiah has come! It may look a little different this year, but we are still so excited to welcome you to HPUMC (in person or virtually) on this special day. Here are some important things to know to make your experienc...