A missional church for our neighbors living in and around South Dallas

Join us for worship at the Austin Street Center Chapel
1718 Jeffries St. | Dallas TX, 75226

The vision for The Table is to become a church that embraces a culture where people from all walks of life can come together and worship in harmony. The Table is focused on treating our neighbors the way Jesus treated people—like family.

The Table is a casual, multicultural, multi-generational, spirit-filled church aimed at serving and helping our neighbors living in poverty. Worship is held each Sunday at 11 am at the Austin Street Center Chapel with Rev. Cottrell King serving as the Campus Pastor. Each Sunday we meet for Bible study, worship, receive Communion, and share a meal together afterward.

This worship community is an important part of HPUMC Impact Ministries and is a key part of our partnership with Austin Street Center as we work to alleviate spiritual and asset poverty in Dallas.

Worship and Serve

Join our neighbors and volunteers on Sundays for Bible study at 10:30 am followed by worship at 11 am. We meet at the Austin Street Center Chapel to sing songs, swap stories, hear Scripture, and share a meal. Volunteers are needed to set up equipment and serve food.

Provide Lunch

“What’s for lunch?” Isn't that what we're all thinking halfway through a church service? Change things up and bring lunch to The Table! Join the community for worship and sponsor lunch with your family and friends (kids are welcome). You'll be surprised by how much fun you have!

Support The Table

We think the church can be an agent for change in a broken world. We also want people who may not feel comfortable in a traditional church environment to be able to experience worship in a place where they feel at home.