HPUMC is honored to host many weddings each year. Due to a large number of events, please read the following thoroughly before attempting to schedule a wedding.

Wedding FAQ

  • Fall weddings (late August-November) will not be booked until SMU has released its football schedule for the year as no weddings will be booked on days with home games. This can happen as late as March; please check the SMU homepage for the schedule.
  • Are you a member? (The bride or groom, parents or grandparents of the bride or groom, or children of the bride or groom must have been members of HPUMC for more than a year at the time of scheduling).


  • Members may reserve HPUMC facilities as far in advance of the ceremony as they wish.
  • Tentative dates can be held for one week by members.


  • Non-members, or members who have been members for less than one year at the time of scheduling, may not schedule their weddings more than six months prior to the ceremony.
  • We do not schedule weddings for non-members during the month of December.