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Nine truths you can build your life on.

Rooted in the scripture and connected to our everyday lives, these nine truths help us build lives with a solid foundation. From finding purpose and making a difference, to fostering strong relationships and leaning into forgiveness, to navigating the storms of life and recovering from hardship, these cornerstones point us back towards the life and teachings of Jesus and forward towards an abundant life.

Cornerstone 1: Greater

God's grace is greater than your
greatest regrets.

Cornerstone 2: Hello Hurricane

The storm around you does not have to become a storm within you.

Cornerstone 3: Difference Maker

To make a difference, you have to be different.

Cornerstones 4: Rooted

May our roots outpace our branches.

Cornerstone 5: Uncharted

The future you hoped for is not the only future with hope.

Cornerstone 6: Family Matters

The number one thing we can do for our kids is help them make their faith the number one thing in their lives.

Cornerstone 7: Relationships

You can make it through anything with these five relationships: God, friend, pastor, mentor, and counselor.

Cornerstone 8: Growing Up

If you’re not dealing with your stuff, you’re the only one not dealing with your stuff.

Cornerstone 9: Crossroads

Your purpose is found at the crossroads of what breaks your heart and what makes your heart beat.