Hello Hurricane Sermon Series

A storm is coming. When and what kind? Who knows. But we all know this: storms are coming. No one gets out of life without having to batten down the hatches a time or two.

Are you ready?

In Hello Hurricane, we’re talking about preparing for, surviving, and recovering from the storms in our lives. While we cannot avoid every storm, we can learn to weather them well.

Our guide in this series will be the Psalms. The Book of Psalms is a book of prayers that sits right at the center of the bible. The people of God have been praying these prayers for somewhere around 3,000 years. Their words are time-tested and true. This month, don’t be surprised to find their words challenging you, comforting you, and encouraging you as you prepare for, survive, and recover from the storm of your life.

The storm around you does not have to become a storm within you. In this series, we’ll discover why that is true and how it can be true for us.