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Hello Hurricane Bible Reading Plan

The storm around you does not have

to become a storm within you.

Life is full of storms. But when challenges arise, there’s a place to turn. The Psalms are a time-tested resource for your faith, with words of praise, lament, thanksgiving, wisdom, and more.

Regardless of your circumstances, there are men and women who came before you and experienced many of the same difficulties. The Psalms offer insight into how they handled the storms of life you may be going through right now.

We hope you’ll read these selected Psalms with us!

Each week, we'll read psalms that embody the themes of worship and praise, lament, gratitude and thanksgiving, and wisdom. Look for the resources below to make the most of your reading with in-depth insights, Bible studies, discussion questions, and more.

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Weekly Bible Study Videos

Week One:

Psalms of Worship & Praise

Have you ever heard a song that perfectly expressed what you are thinking and feeling? A song that finally gave you the words to express yourself? That's what the Psalms can be for us in Scripture. It can be difficult to pray, worship, and lament. The Psalms have provided a way for the people of God to connect with Him and one another.

This week we begin with Psalms of worship and praise!

Pray through these, read them out loud, and find them on our Spotify or Apple Music. These Psalms can prepare us for the storm around us. They remind us of God's goodness, power, and love for us all. As you read through each day, read how the high-energy, worship-filled Psalms begin to slow down. Worshiping and praising God is not always easy during times of happiness. Let's see what we can learn in these Psalms about who God is and who we are.

Daily Readings:

Week Two:

Psalms of Lament

Sometimes we may feel forgotten by God. Sometimes we may feel intense shame over a decision or even something out of our control. These Psalms address these heartbreaking situations where we need to lament and cry out to God.

The goodness of God allows us to cry out when we feel forgotten, we feel something is unfair, or we just feel so many dark feelings, and we do not know how to express them. This is the hurricane. The hurricanes of your life may make you feel hopeless and forgotten. Yet in each hurricane, God is still with us in our grief, our pain, and our loneliness. This week we again end in Psalm 23. Read it through the lens of lament instead of worship this week and know this truth: The storm around you does not have to become a storm within you.

Daily Readings:

Week Three:

Psalms of Gratitude & Thanksgiving

Eventually, storms calm. When a large storm ends, there is still work to be done. We assess the damage, make sure people we love are safe, and decide what to do next. The storms in our life are the same. You may be longing for the storm to end or are currently in a place where the waters have finally calmed.

Praising God when we reach this place of calm carries us, shapes us, and helps us share God's love with those around us.

God is worthy of all our worship and praise, and these Psalms express the pain of the storm while thanking God for the hope of today and tomorrow! As you read through them, rejoice in knowing the storm is never the end. We have hope in the resurrection, in Christ, and that Holy Spirit is always transforming us. This week read Psalm 23 as praise and sing this week's version with awe of how God is continuing to work.

Daily Readings:

Week Four:

Wisdom Psalms

Thank you, Lord, for bringing us out of the storm. Thank you for bringing dawn to break the darkness. As seasons of life change, we learn new things and have the ability to share our stories. This is wisdom!

The wisdom we see through Psalm 119 shows us hope for today and tomorrow. Psalm 119 reminds us of the true wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit and empowers us to help others who are struggling with storms.

As we wrap up Hello Hurricane, ask yourself, where does God want you to share holy wisdom? The storm you have been through may be what your neighbor is going through. Psalm 119 reminds us of how powerful Scripture is when we apply it to the storms and high points of our lives. Share this wisdom! Let us be a church that rejoices in the Word of God and encourages others to read it with us.

Daily Readings:

Dig Deeper:


Discussion Questions:

  • What did this Psalm make you feel? What thoughts or images came to mind as you read it?
  • What does this Psalm reveal about us as people?
  • What does this Psalm reveal about God?
  • How can you begin to pray this Psalm today over yourself? What about for those around you?