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    Why you should visit the Holy Land

    09.19.17 | Travel | by Chester McCrary

    With so many wonderful destination choices for vacation, why should you choose the Holy Land? Because it’s a trip that will change your life. Hear how it changed Chester, and why he says you can’t place a value on what you’ll experience on this trip.

      Hope and a hand up in the Dominican Republic

      09.06.17 | Outreach | by Nancy Cramer

      When Christ spoke about helping the poor in ancient Palestine, he was talking about poverty levels and conditions similar to those of many people living in the Dominican Republic today. Loving our neighbors in this very poor country, with a mix...

        Identity Crisis: Why we need the church

        09.06.17 | Inspirational | by Jenny Kern

        “We are all just walking each other home.” This quote from Ram Dass speaks to a key role of the church: we support each other on our faith journeys. But what if you’ve had negative experiences of church or people who claim to be religious?...

          How to survive an empty nest

          08.29.17 | Parenting | by Rev. Susan Robb

          Parents of teenagers often joke that God makes teenagers hard to live with just so you’re happy to see them leave for college! The truth is that having a child leave home is hard; hard for the child, and even harder for the parents. Here’s some...

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