Tower Arts Concert Series Continues 20-Year Legacy

January 23, 2024 by Analise Narine

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David R. Davidson, a nationally recognized musician, was the Director of Music and Arts at Highland Park United Methodist Church from 2003 until his passing in 2009. David recognized that music played a large role in HPUMC’s mission to create devoted followers of Christ and created the Tower Arts Concert Series to extend that mission beyond worship on Sundays.

“David's original vision was to create a concert series and an artistic format where people could come into the walls of our historic Sanctuary and be musically and spiritually fed.”

Susanna Miller, Associate Director, Music, Arts & Traditional Worship

Those who knew David described him as a talented musician, an incredible friend, and a joy to work with. His leadership and passion for music inspired many to become Tower Arts patrons, whom the series relies on to keep concerts free for the public to attend.

“What I like most about David is that it wasn't a job, it was his ministry. He always wanted to be a minister, and I finally said, ‘I think you're being a minister through music. There's no difference to me.’ He took care of the choir.”

Judith Davidson, Wife of David R. Davidson

Now in its 20th season, Tower Arts has continued the tradition of world-class music that David R. Davidson began, bringing in performers from Dallas and around the globe, including renowned instrumental ensembles, soloists, choirs, concert bands, Broadway stars, and more.

“My hope is that 20 years from now, people will walk into the space, hear glorious music, and be changed. I love Psalm 102:18, ‘Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord.’ My hope is that through being good stewards, that decades from now, that will be so.”

Carey Cannon, Director, Music, Arts & Traditional Worship

The program added a Music with a Mission initiative this season; in addition to their concerts, artists share their talents with impactful HPUMC ministries and Outreach partners, including the Belong Disability Ministry and Journey Ministry for those with dementia.

“Music is such an accessible thing because every person alive is connected to music in some way. And it is a direct gift from God. If we can share that in a loving way, all that can do is open people's hearts.”

Mallory Adams, Traditional Worship & Tower Arts Coordinator