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    Honoring Bradley Hunter Welch

    08.19.14 | Music

    Over the last decade Welch has led over 1000 worship services, raised tens of thousands of dollars for outreach efforts, and has made recordings to share love, joy, and peace through music.

      In Essentials, Unity

      08.14.14 | by Rev. Phil Dieke

      Traditionally when I teach a Bible study the point is to take our time. To allow the text to speak to us. To wrestle with the text. To ask the hard questions. To dissect the meaning and context. To hear various perspectives. But most importantly...

        Meet the HPUMC Youth Worship Team

        08.13.14 | Youth

        As we celebrate the beginning of a new school year, HPUMC proudly welcomed the Youth Worship Team to Cornerstone Sunday, for the final installment of the VIA Sermon Series.

          Coincidence, I don't think so

          08.08.14 | by Rev. Phil Dieke

          Some times things happen and we chalk it up to coincidence. Then again, there are those who don't even believe in coincidences, rather believing all things happen according to God's plan.