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Exciting Kids and Equipping Parents to Follow Jesus Together

Our plan is to partner with parents to help them raise their families in the Christian faith.

Our plan, as you might imagine from a church, is rooted in scripture. Luke 2, to be exact. Luke 2:40-52 paints a brief picture of Jesus' childhood, and, if you read it closely, also a picture of the kind of environment in which Jesus was raised.

We want to partner with you to create the same environments for your family, namely:

  • A Family that Practices the Faith Together (Luke 2.42)
  • A Trustworthy Community of Family and Friends (Luke 2.44)
  • A Church the Whole Family Can Love (Luke 2.49)

Welcome to HPUMC Kids!

Andi Fancher, Director

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5th Grade Human Sexuality Workshop

The workshop is a basic introduction to human sexuality. While affirming that each person is a gift from God, students will learn about the physical changes that are occurring in their bodies, understand gender differences and learn proper sexual language. The book that the workshop uses is “Created by God” by James H. Ritchie, which is endorsed by the United Methodist Church.

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A trusted Christian environment committed to developing the whole child.

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