The Movement That Changed The World

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When you think of church, you might first picture a building. But that’s not how it all started. Church was people.

It was a movement of men and women and kids, filled with the Holy Spirit, gathered around tables, clustered in homes, sharing meals and money and clothing, and caring for each other’s needs. They’d seen a man rise from the dead. And the only logical question was this: What now?

Join us as we read Acts, the story of the movement that changed the world.

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Don't Read Alone!

In the early days, the church wasn't a building. It was a movement of people, gathered in homes, breaking bread, and caring for each other. Join the movement by participating in a virtual, six-week conversation group. Each week, these groups will meet through video conference for fellowship, prayer, and discussion over our church-wide Bible Reading Plan.

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Daily Readings and Resources

  • Week 1

    Coming June 7

  • Week 2

    Coming June 14

  • Week 3

    Coming June 21

  • Week 4

    Coming June 28

  • Week 5

    Coming July 5

  • Week 6

    Coming July 12

Additional Resources and Tips

Not sure how to get started? Want to make the most of this Bible study? Check out the tips below on how to best use this reading plan.

Be consistent.

The readings are Monday-Friday. On the weekends, catch up if you get behind or read a Psalm.

Forget what you already know.

Read what’s actually in the text, approaching it with humility and with as few preconceptions as possible.

Read slowly and carefully.

It is a chapter a day, take it slow and savor it.

Mark up the text.

Look for connections, contradictions, conundrums. What questions does it raise? Circle, underline, highlight, annotate.

Be prepared to be challenged.

When believers approach Bible study they are encountering a living Word, not analyzing a dead fish. Students of God’s living Word need to be open to the fact that the Word challenges our cultural assumptions in surprising ways.

Don't be afraid of difficult or mystery.

God's word is sometimes built around surprising paradoxes. An important part of reading the Bible is noticing unexpected twists in the text and deeply pondering their meaning. God is a God of surprises.

Allow the Holy Spirit to nudge you.

Get quiet and let God show you insights about who He is and what He wants to show you through this passage. Is He nudging you to think about an issue or do something in response to the passage? Sit with that idea and talk with God about it.