Uptown Church launches at House of Blues in Dallas

January 12, 2021 by Kevin Crain

HPUMC’s newest campus, Uptown Church, is a brand-new church in the city and for the city.

This weekend, HPUMC opened its 40th church, Uptown Church, for weekly worship at House of Blues after nearly a year of praying, planning, and preparing.

Campus Pastor, Rev. Joy Gonzalez, acknowledged, “It seems like a difficult week and year with all that has happened in our world and lives to start a church. However, I can’t think of a more appropriate time for us to open a new church. The moment at which our community and world are hurting most, is exactly the moment God has called the local church, to raise a banner of hope and remind people that God is for them.”

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Rev. Gonzalez asked her new congregation to imagine what our city would be like if everyone knew that God is FOR them. “Here’s the thing, people don’t know God is for them unless we are for them. We are the hands and feet of Jesus in our world.”

“This is why we're starting another church in Dallas,” she said, “Until everyone in our city knows that God is FOR them, we don't have enough churches.”