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As we strive to become deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ, we recognize that God calls us to be a people of justice, and that we cannot follow Christ from a path of racism in any form.

So, we encourage you to join HPUMC as we listen, learn, and act.

From honest conversations between black and white leaders in our community to ways that we can erase opportunity gaps for students, discover how each of us can be the light of Christ in the world.

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While HPUMC encourages these difficult conversations, the opinions of those being interviewed are their own and may not represent the viewpoints of all HPUMC congregants regarding these topics.

Recently, Courtney Kelly and Heather Deuillet sat down for a one-on-one conversation about racism. From the Black Lives Matter movement to our responsibilities as Christians and how we can take action, this deep dive included discussion about a wide range of topics.

[0:015] Being Black at HPUMC

[2:46] The Black Lives Matter Movement

[9:39] What is Systemic Racism?

[15:54] How Can You Help?

[22:13] The Need to Share and Hear Black Stories

[28:42] Where Do We Go From Here?

[34:46] The Christian Perspective on Racial Injustice

[43:43] Black and White Labels

[46:20] When White Womanhood Becomes a Weapon

“The reality is that racism is a social construct. We can do away with it if we decide as a society that we don’t want to live like this,” said Courtney Kelly. “We try to make [racism] into something that’s really complicated. It is complex, but it’s not complicated. It’s not a hard conversation. It’s a difficult conversation; a vulnerable conversation.”

To show Christ’s love and follow his ways, Heather Deuillet believes that we can’t simply talk about what we should do. “Love is an action word,” she said. “You have to go and do something about it.”

They also spoke about the incredible, positive impact on our community and world that every one of us can have through our actions.

“If we make each individual better, as a country we’re going to be better,” Courtney said. “If I’m allowed to achieve greater and use my resources and talents to the highest potential possible, then isn’t that better for America, for Texas, for Dallas, and for HPUMC?”

We invite you to watch their discussion, listen intently, and perhaps take something away that you hadn’t considered.