What does it mean to be a member at HPUMC?

Membership at HPUMC means choosing to belong—to our church family and the body of Christ. We extend our invitation to all who declare Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and willingly commit to serving HPUMC with their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

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Your journey begins at Starting Point!

Maybe you’re brand-new to HPUMC. Or perhaps you’ve attended a service here for years and are looking to take the next step. Either way, Starting Point is a can’t-miss, in-person event designed to answer your questions, share our vision, and help you plug in.

It’s the first step in becoming an official member—where you’ll learn about HPUMC’s history, the resources we have to support you, and how you can find the one ministry (or five) that you’re really passionate about.

Ready to become a member? You’ll have the opportunity to join HPUMC by taking the vows of membership at the conclusion of Starting Point. The membership form can be completed before you attend or during the meeting.

Not quite ready to join? Don’t worry! There’s no pressure, which is why we have a short break before the membership portion, allowing you to leave when you would like.