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Chancel Choir

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir is a non-auditioned group of singers who meet on Wednesday evenings (August through June) from 7:15 pm - 9:15 pm. The choir has over 170 registered members, and typical rehearsals will attract 110+ singers. The choir is comprised of people of all musical abilities from professional singers and instrumentalists to those who sing as a hobby.

What opportunities does the Chancel Choir offer?
Aside from our most important role of ministering to the church and to God through music as a choir, we also minister in other ways: mission tours outreach, and Tower Arts concerts, of which we perform two-to-three times a year. A repertoire of our Choir ranges from classical music to more ‘pops’ and festive styles at the Memorial Day concert. We regularly perform with professional instrumentalists, whether it be a full orchestra or individual instrumentalists or small ensembles.

Missy Fain finds joy in singing in the Chancel Choir at HPUMC, and she especially finds it special to sing at funerals. The first time Missy attended HPUMC was actually for a funeral (after being away from the church for over 20 years). She later joined the church and has now been singing in the choir for 17 years. Her family and grandchildren now are a big part of HPUMC, and Andi Fancher, Director of HPUMC Kids, is Missy's daughter!

What about events and fellowship?
You will find a wonderful sense of fun and fellowship in the Chancel Choir. We provide frequent social events (such as the Twelfth Night party, the End of Year Banquet, and others. The Chancel Choir is a unique and friendly, welcoming community that will embrace you and make you want to come back week after week to serve God through music ministry.

Interested in Joining?
Please email Susanna Miller (Interim Director of Music & Arts) at