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ke•ryg•ma - (ka-‘rig-ma), Greek

1. The proclamation of religious truths, especially as taught in the Gospels.
2. The core content of the faith that is taught

Kerygma is a teaching service led by Rev. Walt Marcum on Sundays at 11:00 am in room 120.

Kerygma began in October of 2006 to fill the need for a service that would be distinctly different from any other service offered at Highland Park United Methodist Church.

Instead of a traditional sermon, each week Rev. Marcum will present an extended and in-depth exploration of scripture or core Christian teaching utilizing the best in contemporary scholarship to help participants understand what the scriptures and the teachings of the church meant in their original context so that they can be more informed in applying them to their lives today.

Previous Kerygma Sermons

For more information, contact Rev. Marcum at 214.523.2235 or