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An intentional spiritual formation program that takes 6th graders through the history, practices, and beliefs of the Christian faith from a United Methodist perspective.


Sixth grade is an important year at HPUMC. After a year of formation, led by over a hundred parents, our 6th graders are given the opportunity to personally respond to Jesus’ call to live as a disciple. The year culminates with the Confirmation Service, where the sixth graders who have chosen to be confirmed profess their faith and are confirmed into the Christian faith and the United Methodist Church.

Meaning, Mission & Decision

Confirmation is about intentional commitment.

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Foundations of Confirmation

Sixth graders learn about the history, practices, and beliefs of the Christian faith from a United Methodist perspective.

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The Phase Where Family...

Create time to discuss the faith, including questions and doubts.
Parents need not have all the answers, just the willingness to listen and to respond. This can happen casually over dinner or formally during a weekend parent/child getaway.

Foster your student’s friendship with “church friends.”
Encourage your student to spend time with their small group and other friends during the week.

Serve inside of the church.
Parents, consider serving as a small group leader, it helps other students love the church and helps your student see your heart for service.

HPUMC Confirmation

Confirmation Class
9:30 am Sundays, Room 386
An experience where middle school students can have fun while actively engaging in worship and hearing messages relevant to their stage of development.
About Sunday Mornings

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We offer social events both here at the church and away from the church on occasion.
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Youth Choirs
10:30 am Sundays (rehearsal), Room 391
A wonderful way to serve in the church. The choir sings on Sunday mornings and around the community.
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