Where to Park on Sunday Morning:

  • First-time guest parking is located in the north lot adjacent to the Sanctuary. Simply follow the signs! The parking spaces face the SMU practice field.
  • Our main parking options are the Meadows Parking Center and the Hillcrest Parking Center.
  • Additional parking is available at Moody Parking Center and the Binkley Parking Center on SMU's campus. Starting on December 31, 2023, the HPUMC Shuttle will no longer be running except for Easter, Christmas Eve, and Fall Kick-Off Sunday.
  • We have handicapped and senior parking in the north lot adjacent to the church. Parking is also available along Bishop Boulevard.
24 Sunday Parking Map1

Where to Park Monday Through Saturday:

  • Parking is available in the lot just north of the church.
  • You may also park in the Meadows Parking Garage. Please note, that you must use the left-hand entrance into the parking garage for complimentary parking. If you enter on the right-hand side, the museum will charge a $20 fee to exit. You must have an HPUMC parking sticker to park in the north lot or the Museum garage from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday. Stickers are available at the Wesley Welcome Desk.
  • Parking is also available in the Hillcrest Parking Center on the lowest level only.
21 Weekly Parking Map v1