We Sing, We Serve: Building generations of servant leaders

October 18, 2022 by Analise Narine

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Sing With Us

At HPUMC, we believe quality music is vital to a rich, meaningful worship experience. Going beyond weekly worship, we strive to be “more than a choir” in all we do. Ready to find out how to sing with us?

On Saturday, October 1, 125 volunteers of all ages from the HPUMC Music, Arts, & Traditional Worship Ministry gathered together to donate supplies and pack over 500 meals for Austin Street Center at the first-ever We Sing, We Serve service event.

Attendees spanned all of HPUMC’s choirs, bringing families together with the common goal to serve those in need. From writing and coloring scripture cards for meal recipients to packing the meals, even the youngest among the group were able to give back.

“It was such a joy to see children, their parents, and grandparents working alongside each other to help those in need,” Susanna Miller, Associate Director of Music, Arts & Traditional Worship, said. “What better way to teach our children the joy of serving than by doing it together, side by side? It shows them it is good and important work. And it shows them that each one of us, no matter our age, can serve God together in a huge way.”

The event also welcomed Rev. Cottrell King, Associate Minister of HPUMC Pastoral Care, and Teresa Thomas, Director of Advancement Communications at Austin Street Center, who spent time educating the group about the needs of the unhoused in Dallas. “We learned firsthand about the incredible work that Church at the Square and Austin Street do day in and day out for our community,” Miller said.

Members of the Youth Choir led the volunteers in a closing song called “Draw the Circle Wide,” the lyrics of which state, “Draw the circle wide, draw it wider still. Let this be our song: no one stands alone. Standing side by side, draw the circle wide.” For Miller, this song and the We Sing, We Serve event represented the ministry’s tagline and aim to be ‘More Than a Choir’ by serving others.

“To truly live out God's call for each of us, we must love others as we ourselves have been loved,” Miller said. “In addition to serving our congregation each Sunday from the choir loft, we feel it is important for our choirs to go one step further and serve those outside our church walls.”

“Singing in a choir is an incredible way to deepen your faith and your involvement at HPUMC,” Miller said. “It not only offers an easy opportunity to serve and give back to HPUMC with the talents God has so richly blessed us with, but it is something you can do and enjoy at any age, your whole life long.”