Dear HPUMC Family,

For the past several weeks, our staff has worked diligently with plans to re-open for public worship this Sunday. We have missed welcoming all of you on Sunday mornings. I'm heartbroken to announce that given the latest information and infection rates of COVID-19, we will continue to host online worship only - at least through Labor Day.

As we have done since March, we have made safety the top priority for our congregation and visitors. Given the current data, large group gatherings remain unsafe. And, we want the worship experience when you return to meet the standards we hold dear at HPUMC. I have attached a video with some additional comments.

In the meantime, please know that we will work tirelessly in pursuit of a safe return date. I am grateful that we have the virtual alternative that has sustained us throughout this unusual time. We continue to reach more people weekly than ever before. I'll be back in the pulpit this weekend with a message about optimism. Even in the midst of discouraging circumstances, I remain as optimistic and positive about the future of our church and city as I've ever been. Thank you for being the church.

Rev Paul Rasmussen

Rev. Paul Rasmussen
Senior Minister