Daniel and the Dawn of Apocalyptic Thought

Daniel and the Dawn of Apocalyptic Thought

The book of Daniel contains many familiar stories: Daniel in the lion’s den, the three youth in the fiery furnace, the handwriting on the wall. But it also contains weird, bizarre, and disturbing images of Frankenstein-like beasts, cobbled together from parts of other animals, and arising out of the sea.

Daniel has the distinction of being the earliest known apocalyptic writing and is the primary source for the images and message of the book of Revelation. As a result, Daniel is the primary source of the most distinctive theology in the western religious tradition.

Join us as we take sixteen weeks to explore this fascinating, important, and often misunderstood book.

Sundays, April 25 - July 18 | Via Zoom

5:00 - 6:00 pm

Led by Rev. Walt Marcum