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Hello Hurricane Sermon Series

A storm is coming. When and what kind? Who knows. But we all know this: storms are coming. No one gets out of life without having to batten down the hatches a time or two.

Are you ready?

In Hello Hurricane, we’re talking about preparing for, surviving, and recovering from the storms in our lives. While we cannot avoid every storm, we can learn to weather them well.


In the introduction to this series, Matt talks about Jesus’ claim that a good, strong, secure life is found when someone makes the Way of Jesus the foundation of their lives. This teaching is the jumping-off point for the whole school year, where we will explore nine cornerstones, nine key truths that are rooted in scripture and connected to the realities of our everyday lives. If your life ever feels shaky or you have a sense that it is time for Jesus to become a more integral part of your life, this teaching is a good next step for you.