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In the introduction to this series, Matt talks about Jesus’ claim that a good, strong, secure life is found when someone makes the Way of Jesus the foundation of their lives. This teaching is the jumping-off point for the whole school year, where we will explore nine cornerstones, nine key truths that are rooted in scripture and connected to the realities of our everyday lives. If your life ever feels shaky or you have a sense that it is time for Jesus to become a more integral part of your life, this teaching is a good next step for you.


The Gospel of Matthew continues the story of the Old Testament by revealing Jesus to be the long-awaited Messiah come to save God’s people and teach them what it means to live in God’s kingdom.

Our Story: A Journey of Faith

Our Story: A Journey of Faith

In addition to exploring the biblical narrative—Genesis to Revelation—we’ll explore major events and people in the history of our faith, from the early church through John Wesley and all the way to the present.

From Feeling Into Faith

This sermon series starts with our everyday lives—and feelings—and then connects with a corresponding narrative in the Bible that speaks to us still today.