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All About Jesus

Jesus! The name alone triggers all kinds of responses. Saying, reading, and hearing it surfaces all kinds of reactions, preconceptions, and feelings. Why is that? Why does the name Jesus carry so much weight? On a four-week journey to Easter, let's talk about the most powerful name in the world.


In a time when it’s easier than ever to connect with people all around the world, why does it feel like we're more disconnected than ever?

What we don’t need is a thousand "friends" on the internet. What do we really need? A handful of real relationships. In fact, with five relationships, we can make it through anything.

Join us as we explore what these relationships are and how we can build and sustain each of them.

Family Matters

When it comes to the church, family is bigger than the people you live with. While it starts at home, family includes the many others you choose to do life with. From family friends to mentors, your small group, pastors, and more, each of these relationships plays a key role in defining who we are becoming.

So This Is What It Looks Like

In 2022, you'll have your best year ever if you have your best spiritual year ever. That's the premise of Rev. Paul Rasmussen's series: So This Is What It Looks Like.

The way to secure your best spiritual year, according to Jesus, is to "seek first the kingdom of God" (Matthew 6:33). While that sounds good, what exactly is the Kingdom of God? Is it church every day? Is it nothing but harps and lyres on the radio? Can you have any fun, or do you have to be serious all day long? How can we seek something if we're not quite sure what it looks like?

The good news is Jesus spent a great deal of time explaining what the Kingdom of God looks like. He consistently used word pictures to clear up any confusion. And what Jesus described is as relevant today as it was in the first century.


With a new year comes new hopes, dreams, and plans. Some may be realized, others may not. But as we’ll discover while reading the Book of Esther, “The future you hoped for is not the only future with hope.”