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Up Close and Personal | The Gospel of John

If you could have coffee with Jesus, what do you think he'd say to you? Don't you wish you could find out? This month, we're exploring the stories of Jesus getting up close and personal with a handful of people: a political leader, a scandalized woman, a little boy, and a disabled man. What he says and does in each encounter is certain to surprise you, challenge you, and make you wonder, "Who is this guy? And what does he want with me?"

Who is Jesus? | The Gospel of John

If believing in Jesus leads to new life, wouldn't you like to know more about who Jesus is? There is so much confusion around who Jesus is and was. We’re going to spend four weeks looking at just four things that are true about Him.

Come and See

"There's got to be something more than this!" Have you had that thought before? Maybe you don't know what more looks like, but you know it's out there - you could find it with a different job, the right partner, a bigger house. What is the more you're looking for?