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The Twenties

Every decade is known for something: The Beatles, Woodstock, big hair, the internet. In 10 years, the 2020s will be remembered for something; we just don't know what.

Join us for this series, “The Twenties: Define your Decade,” to help determine what the 2020s will be known for — for you.


You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. We all figured that out at some point.

You can’t believe everything that everyone tells you. We figured that out even earlier, typically as small children.

We can’t even believe all of the stories that we tell ourselves. It takes some of us a lifetime to figure this one out. “She’s out to get me.” “I’m not smart enough.” “I’ll never get over that.”

Lies. Lies start in our minds, infect our hearts, disrupt our relationships, and can damage whole communities and societies.

A small lie, with just a small foothold in our hearts, can cause big trouble. Followers of Jesus are men and women in pursuit of truth. In this series, we’ll seek truth not only about who God is, but about who we are as well.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

When you’re playing rock-paper-scissors, there’s always a way to win. The same is true about our worldly struggles — certain spiritual practices or blessings can defeat them. During “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” we’ll explore how generosity overcomes greed, grace covers sin, and so much more.