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Our Story: A Journey of Faith

Our Story: A Journey of Faith

In addition to exploring the biblical narrative—Genesis to Revelation—we’ll explore major events and people in the history of our faith, from the early church through John Wesley and all the way to the present.

From Feeling Into Faith

This sermon series starts with our everyday lives—and feelings—and then connects with a corresponding narrative in the Bible that speaks to us still today.

Fishing Trip

In this series, Rev. Paul Rasmussen shares how our decision to follow Christ is somehow correlated to the task of sharing our faith to introduce others to Jesus. It may sound awkward, especially given that most of us never signed up to talk about our faith. But as Rev. Rasmussen teaches, sharing our faith is important and our willingness to do so matters more than we realize.


From bondage to deliverance to community with God. Exodus continues the Israelites’ story from Genesis as God rescues His people from slavery and brings them into a relationship with Him. Check out our latest sermon series as we explore the Book of Exodus. We’ll uncover the great lengths God is willing to go to in order to bring the people out of oppression and make God's name known among the nations.