2023 Rejebian Series

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June and July 2023
Wednesdays | 7-8 pm | Wesley Hall

Optional dinner at 5:30 pm in Great Hall. Cost is $15 per person.
Reserve your place for dinner online or call 214-523-2240.

A Note From David Rejebian

Now in its 67th season, we are excited to welcome you once again to the Rejebian Series at Highland Park United Methodist Church. Our Rejebian family is looking forward to a great summer!
My grandparents, Ermance and Vahram Rejebian, loved this church and wanted to do something to give back for all the things this church meant to them.
They came to Dallas in 1934. My grandfather worked in the oriental rug business, which sent him to Dallas to open the rug department downtown at the Titche-Goettinger department store. My grandmother had been a teacher in California after graduating from UCLA, and, once they settled in Dallas, she went about the business of raising two children—my dad, Myron, and my aunt, Mary.
But one night, after attending a book review of "The 40 Days of Musa Dagh," on the drive home, my grandfather asked her what she thought of the review...and she said that she just didn't think it was very good. So, my grandfather asked her if she thought she could do a better job. Yes, she thought she could, and thus started an over 50-year career as the preeminent book reviewer in the Southwest—with Rejebian Book Clubs all over Dallas and the state of Texas.
This review series was one of the things they were most proud of, and they would be so happy to see how it has flourished. It is a legacy to be proud of, and one in whose success you, our audience, have played such a big role.
See you this summer!
—David Rejebian

Upcoming Rejebian Events

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Rejebian Series Presents Mary Roberson: World War II Trilogy: Mission, Fireball, Dutch Girl

Mary Roberson reviews three Robert Matzen books on Hollywood stars in World War II: Jimmy Stewart flying in the air war over Europe in “Mission,” the death of Carole Lombard on a war bond tour in “Fireball,” and the story of young Audrey Hepburn during her formative years in Nazi-occupied Netherlands in “Dutch Girl.”

Rejebian Series Presents Marjorie Herrera Lewis: When the Men Were Gone

Author and sports journalist Marjorie Herrera Lewis brings us “When the Men Were Gone,” her novel of courage and perseverance. It’s based on the true story of Tylene Wilson, a woman in 1940s Brownwood, Texas, who coaches the high school football team to a season they will always remember. Books will be available for purchase and signing that evening.

Rejebian Series Presents Dana Harkey: The Joy of Reading Children's Literature as an Adult

Dana Harkey reviews Bruce Handy’s book, “Wild Things: The Joy of Reading Children’s Literature as an Adult,” an irresistible, nostalgic, and insightful ramble through classic children’s literature. We will encounter books we once treasured, after years apart.

Rejebian Series Presents Sharron Lucky: Caleb's Crossing

Sharron Lucky reviews “Caleb’s Crossing” by Geraldine Brooks. A young Puritan woman meets Caleb, the son of a chieftain, who later becomes the first Native American graduate of Harvard College. They forge a secret bond that draws each into the alien world of the other, risking everything in a search for knowledge in a time of superstition and ignorance.

Rejebian Series Presents Dave Lieber: Amon! The Ultimate Texan

Dave Lieber presents the life of Texas powerhouse Amon G. Carter Sr., “Mr. Ft. Worth.” Amon Carter built a media empire and was a friend of presidents. In his book “Amon! The Ultimate Texan,” Dave Lieber tells us his story in a fun way. Books are available for purchase and signing that evening.

Rejebian Series Presents Kathleen Kent: Black Wolf

New York Times best-selling author Kathleen Kent brings us her riveting new thriller “Black Wolf,” the story of a female CIA agent whose extraordinary facial recognition powers lead her into the heart of the Soviet Union and the path of a killer who shouldn’t exist. Books will be available for purchase and signing that evening.

Rejebian Series Presents Rebecca Blackwood: A Girl Named Carrie

Rebecca Blackwood reviews “A Girl Named Carrie” by Jerrie Marcus Smith. This is the largely untold story of Carrie Marcus Neiman, who, with her brother, Herbert Marcus Sr., and her husband, A.L. Neiman, founded Neiman Marcus in 1907. Self-taught and single after her divorce from Neiman, she became a prominent fashion buyer and an arbiter of fashion and culture in Dallas.

Rejebian Series Presents Sam W. Haynes: Unsettled Land

Author Sam W. Haynes brings us his award-winning new book “Unsettled Land,” a history of the Texas Revolution and Republic. In it, we learn the importance of Tejanos, Native Americans, and free Blacks in a land much more complex and diverse than we ever realized. Books will be available for purchase and signing that evening.