2024 Rejebian Series

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June, July, & August 2024
Wednesdays | 7-8 pm | Wesley Hall

Optional dinner at 5:30 pm in Great Hall. Cost is $15 per person.

Reserve your place for dinner by registering for each event separately via the linked events below, or call 214-523-2240.

A Note From David Rejebian

Now in its 68th season, we are excited to welcome you once again to the Rejebian Series at Highland Park United Methodist Church. Our Rejebian family is looking forward to a great summer! My grandparents, Ermance and Vahram Rejebian, loved this church and wanted to do something to give back for all the things this church meant to them. This review series was one of the things they were most proud of, and they would be so happy to see how it has flourished. It is a legacy to be proud of, and one in whose success you, our audience, have played such a big role.

See you this summer!
—David Rejebian

Upcoming Rejebian Events