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HPUMC Presents the 2021 Rejebian series!

The popular Rejebian series, an HPUMC tradition of more than 65 years, provides free, live entertainment that is open to the public.

The Rejebian series includes some of Dallas’ best-known book reviewers as well as entertainers, public service speakers, and authors on national book tours.

Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child

Episode coming Wednesday, June 16. Sharron Lucky reviews the book, "Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child" by Bob Spitz. A writer of children’s books and poetry, Sharron has workshopped teachers throughout the United States on arts curriculum.

Elizabeth and Phillip: A Royal Marriage

Episode coming Wednesday, June 23. With speaker Steven Jenkins. Rev. Steven Jenkins is a dual US/UK resident, an international speaker, and a speaker on the royal family. This program is based on his conversations with those who know them.

The Star-Spangled Banner

Episode coming Wednesday, June 30. Mary Roberson reviews the book, "What So Proudly We Hailed" by Marc Leepson. Mary Roberson is retired from Plano ISD, is an adjunct professor at Richland College, and is a dedicated volunteer for disaster relief and for The National Park Service. She loves history and participates in living history programs.

The American Story

Episode coming Wednesday, July 7. Nancy Ashley reviews the book, "The American Story" by David Rubinstein. Nancy is a graduate of Mississippi University for Women and Vanderbilt University. She often reviews works on the great southern authors, including Faulkner, Welty, Morris, and Tennessee Williams. She is a member of The Dallas Women’s Club, Colonial Dames, The Shakespeare Club, and Highland Park Presbyterian Church. The grand arc of American history told through interviews with America’s greatest historians.

The Feather Thief

Episode coming Wednesday, July 14. Dana Harkey reviews the book, "The Feather Thief" by Kirk Johnson. It's the weird but true story of a master fly-tier who breaks into a museum, steals bird skins and feathers, then sells them internationally to wealthy fly fishermen. Dana loves to share good stories. She holds two degrees from SMU and has served in various leadership capacities with Wesley Rankin Community Center, Dallas Women’s Club, Meals on Wheels, Highland Park United Methodist Church, and the Scruggs and Designers and Diggers Garden Clubs.

The Museum of Whales You Will Never See

Episode coming on Wednesday, July 21. Author Kendra Greene discusses her book, "The Museum of Whales You Will Never See." Kendra is an artist and writer who has worked at The Museum of Contemporary Photography, The Chicago History Museum, and The Dallas Museum of Art. She has been the recipient of a Fulbright Grant, a Jacob K Javits Fellowship, and a Harvard Library Innovation Lab Fellowship. In this episode, she takes us on an excursion to Iceland’s most unusual museums and illustrates how a random assortment of objects can reflect a people’s past and future, their fears, and obsessions.

When Retail Ruled

Episode coming Wednesday, July 28. Rose-Mary Rumbley reviews the book, "Wanamaker’s Temple" by Nicole Kirk and several other books on Jeff Bezos. From John Wanamaker to Jeff Bezos, this episode details a history of selling in America. Rose-Mary holds a Ph.D. from UNT. She has served as a professor at Dallas Baptist University and as the Single Adult Minister at First Baptist Church Dallas. A stage veteran at Dallas Summer Musicals and Casa Manana, she has also appeared in movies such as Paper Moon. Historian, teacher, and humorist, she is one of Dallas’s most prolific speakers.