Business: For Good, For God, and For Growth

  • Thursday, April 18 Register by Friday, April 12
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Tolleson Family Activity Center

What does it look like to serve God in all that we do—even in a demanding for-profit environment? How can faith-friendly businesses not only compete but thrive in their respective industries? In the pursuit of answers, join us for an inspiring evening presented by Working Faith, a ministry of Highland Park United Methodist Church, to learn how doing business God’s way is great business.

We’ll hear from Mark Whitacre, Vice President of Culture and Care for Coca-Cola Consolidated, the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the United States, on how they attribute their success to their unwavering commitment to Christian principles. We will also hear from Matt Monson, Partner and Portfolio Manager of Sovereign’s Capital, on how they deliver outsized returns to investors through a strategy based on investing exclusively in faith-led enterprises.

We invite leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers at all levels to join us for dinner and connection with other leaders seeking to do business for God, for good, and for growth.


Mark Whitacre will share his incredible testimony, a story he acknowledges only Christ could author. Having accepted Christ almost three decades ago while serving an eight-and-a-half-year federal prison sentence, he is now the Vice President of Culture and Care for Coca-Cola Consolidated (Nasdaq: COKE). Mark will describe how the company achieves its stated purpose: “To honor God in all we do, serve others, pursue excellence and grow profitably” and how this has enabled the company to thrive for 121 years, becoming the nation’s largest Coke bottler and generating revenue now in excess of $6 billion. Mark also serves as Executive Director of the company’s t-factor initiative, which equips other corporate leaders to implement a faith-friendly culture in a way that is inclusive for employees of all faiths and profitability enhancing. To date, Mark and the Coca-Cola Consolidated management team have reached over 5,000 attendees (representing over 24 million employees) in 72 countries through the t-factor initiative.

Matt Monson is a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Sovereign's Capital in the public equity investment division. Its Omega Fund invests exclusively in U.S.-based publicly traded companies with faith-driven CEOs pursuing spiritual integration in accordance with defined criteria, thereby demonstrating strong biblical values embedded in the corporate culture. The public equity funds at Sovereign’s Capital exceed $100 million, and the Omega Fund invests with a long-term strategy across multiple sectors and has a portfolio of approximately 45 companies, including Coke Consolidated. The Omega Fund has nearly doubled the market return since its inception on 3/1/22 at +20.9% (net) versus the Russell 3000 at +10.9%. Omega’s returns are attributed to the power of the culture at each of its investment companies. Matt will share Sovereign’s research, which demonstrates that companies led by faith-driven CEOs with strong cultures attract and retain some of the best people and can significantly outperform their peers. In addition to public equity, Sovereign’s runs investments in private equity, real estate, venture capital, fund of funds, and a recently launched Flourish Fund ETF (

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