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Youth Staff

Youth Staff


Rev Matt Tuggle

Associate Minister,
Director of Family Ministries

office: 214.523.2217

Elliott Gonzalez

Director of Youth Ministry
office: 214.523.2153

Lucy McDaniel

Youth Ministry
Parent/Shepherding Coordinator

office: 214.523.2233

Andrew Wermelskirchen

Middle School Pastor
office: 214.523.2263

Peyton Tippett

High School Youth Pastor
office: 214.523.2117

Josh Esparza

High School Pastor
office: 214.523.2218

Chelsea Peddecord

High School Pastor
office: 214.523.2155

Adrian Granger

Youth Ministry Coordinator
office: 214.523.2142

Allison Krauska

Middle School Pastor
office: 214.523.2172

Aaron Long

Worship Pastor
office: 214.523.2179

Sara Hatcher

Youth Intern