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Kingdom Singers

"All Are Welcome in the Kingdom of God"

The Kingdom Singers Choir is our new Special Needs Choir. All are welcome who have a love for music and praising God. We'll rehearse at 4:00 pm on Sunday afternoons before The Feast, the new worship service with our Special Needs Community. We will play instruments and dance to beautiful music.

Can non-verbal participants be in the choir?
Absolutely! Music can be made and experienced in so many ways. We will be signing and playing instruments also. As the group grows, we hope to sing for other events in our community. Come when you can! The door will always be open to new members.

May I bring a friend or a sibling?
Yes! All Are Welcome!

What do parents and companions do during Kingdom Singers rehearsal?
There will be an opportunity for family and friends to gather with a staff member to greet one another and share experiences, then we will all come together to worship at The Feast.

How do we join?
Please email Jenny Doran, Director of Kingdom Singers at , with:
Singer’s name
Singer’s birthday
T-shirt size
Any other information you would like me to know about your Singer
Your name and contact information (email address and phone number)