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About Music

About Music

Music & Arts have a vital role at HPUMC as we engage people to worship God. Music imprints scripture and truth on our hearts and these words learned and sung will remain with them for a lifetime.

Our vision (or, “What’s our WIN!?!”):

  • A full loft of people (children, youth, or adults) singing beautifully and powerfully, in praise to God
  • A congregation that sings strongly and with joy
  • Meaningful, transformative worship
  • Music that inspires and moves people
  • Choirs of people that serve as small groups
  • People singing their faith strongly
  • Choirs that utilize their gifts of sound and spirit to do good in the community with hands-on missions, raising funds for missions, and taking our spirit (The Spirit) to areas that need it most

Our choirs are welcoming, joyful groups that have fun, share joys and concerns, and most of all, love making beautiful and powerful music as we engage people to worship God! Come join us!