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We cannot make the next generation grow up to be disciples, but we can create environments where discipleship is more likely to happen.

Join us from August 22 to September 13 as Rev. Paul Rasmussen (Cornerstone & Sanctuary) and Rev. Matt Tuggle (The Chapel) share more on how HPUMC looks to partner with families to help you raise your family in the Christian faith.

We want to partner with you to create the same environments for your family, namely:

  • A Family (that practices the faith together)
  • A Community (of trustworthy family and friends)
  • A Church (that the whole family can love)

Parenting in general is difficult, trying to figure out how to raise your child in the faith (especially in 21st century America) may seem impossible.

Of all the things we desire to pass to our kids, only one is "the power of God for salvation" (Romans 1.16). The Gospel is the most important thing we can hand down to the next generation.

Weekly Sermon Topics

Your church intends to partner with families to create the Key 3 Environments that foster discipleship. Each week we’ll talk about a different environment and provide a next step.

Week 1: Homegrown

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Rev. Rasmussen

  • Scripture: Luke 2:41-42
  • Theme: A Family that practices the faith together
  • Bottom Line: It's all about the practice.

Week 2: DDIY

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Rev. Rasmussen | Rev. Tuggle

Week 3: Family Traditions

Week 4: Blueprint

  • Scripture: Luke 2:46-49
  • Theme: A Church the whole family can love

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