Six things to know about the opening of the Tolleson Family Activity Center

Highland Park United Methodist Church is days away from the Grand Opening of the new Tolleson Family Activity Center. The state-of-the-art, three-story building promises to transform the future and scope of ministry for HPUMC.

From a floor dedicated to serving those with disabilities, a floor for HPUMC’s middle and high school students, to a new gymnasium, worship center, and new parking spaces, there is something for everyone in the Tolleson Family Activity Center. That’s why we’ve gathered the six things to know about the new building ahead of its Grand Opening celebration.

A new place to park

As HPUMC has grown over the last century, our parking limitations have grown as well. We are excited to now be able to offer 130 new parking spaces within the garage beneath the Tolleson Family Activity Center. The garage, which is a short walk across Hillcrest from HPUMC’s Mockingbird campus will be open to all HPUMC members and visitors throughout the week.

HPUMC Youth to be housed in the new building

After the Grand Opening Celebration, all programming for Middle and High School students will transfer to the new Tolleson Family Activity Center. The second floor of the building is dedicated solely to youth ministry and has been intentionally designed to meet the needs of all kinds of students, both introverted and extroverted. The space features a creative arts center, arcades, tabletop games, study spaces, cafe, small group rooms, and inviting communal areas. HPUMC’s Youth Ministry will also utilize the 500-seat worship venue on the building’s third floor for worship on Wednesdays and Sunday mornings.

A resource for all those with disabilities and their families

Open to families and individuals at any stage of the journey, the resource center in the Tolleson Family Activity Center will help connect families to local and regional resources for those with disabilities. HPUMC’s Belong Ministry will also sponsor quarterly educational presentations exploring relevant topics such as financial planning, self-advocacy, and how to navigate resources.

Stop by Chance’s for coffee and pie

Chance's pie and coffee bar, opening in August of 2019, will serve coffee, signature iced tea, and delicious pies. Open seven days a week, the coffee bar will be managed and run by individuals from HPUMC’s Belong Ministry. The Café creates a space for those working there to build relationships, master the art of hospitality, provide a unique experience for the customers, and learn valuable work skills. Want to learn more about the amazing young man who inspired the name of Chance’s Kitchen? Read or watch Chance’s Story here.

Worship for those with disabilities

Did you know HPUMC offers a worship service specifically for those with disabilities and their families? The Feast is a venue where all those with disabilities are invited to participate in the service: from singing and dancing, to reading scripture, prayer, and welcoming and greeting. Starting April 14, The Feast will hold its first service in the new building, at 8:30 am on the first floor.

Group fitness classes available through HPUMC’s Wellness Ministry

HPUMC offers a variety of group fitness classes, support groups and Bible studies all aimed at helping you love and care for your physical body. Group fitness classes are a great way to stay motivated and build community. Starting on Friday, May 3, most of HPUMC’s fitness classes will move to the new building. The fee for these classes is $15 per month for HPUMC members and $25 per month for non-members and visitors.

Discover the Tolleson Family Activity Center

Come witness the future of HPUMC's Belong, Youth, and Wellness ministries at the Grand Opening of The Tolleson Family Activity Center! On Sunday, March 24, after our worship services, we invite you to explore all three floors of the newly completed building. This is an incredibly exciting day for our church, and we can't wait to celebrate with you.

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