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Swishin' for Mission Tournament Rules

Swishin' for Mission Tournament Rules


  • Registration only accepted online at
  • Registration opens on January 6, 2020 and closes on February 13, 2020 at 11:59 pm.
  • Payment for the team must be received during online registration, full team payment only by Visa or MasterCard.
  • Player substitutions may be made to the roster prior to the official start of the tournament.
  • By registering a team, each player and families of players are agreeing to the Official Tournament Rules and liability release of the tournament.
  • HPUMC is not responsible for determining a particular athletes eligibility to play in the tournament.
  • HPUMC reserves the right to limit the number of teams due to court space or lack of teams in a division. All teams are accepted on a first come first serve basis.
  • Team Captain of each team MUST pick up their team's tournament packet, which includes tournament schedule, official rules, and the tournament t-shirt on Wednesday, February 19, 2019, from 3:00-5:30 in the underground parking garage of the Tolleson Building.
  • No changes may be made to the tournament schedule.


HPUMC Tolleson Building


Tournament Dates: February 20 - 25

  • Thursday, Feb. 20: 7th grade boys (16 teams max); 4:00 pm start time
  • Friday, Feb. 21: 6th grade boys (16 teams max); 4:00 pm start time
  • Saturday, Feb. 22: All girl teams 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
    8th grade boys (16 teams max); 2:00 pm start time
    2nd grade boys (8 teams max); noon start time
    Sunday, Feb. 23: 3rd grade boys (16 teams max); 1:00 pm start time
    4th grade boys (16 teams max) 4:00 start time
  • Monday, Feb. 24: 5th grade boys (16 teams max); 4:00 pm start time
  • Tuesday, Feb. 25 (Bracket is full): 2nd grade boys (8 teams max); 4:00 pm start time and will end by 7:00 pm.

Court Layout

  • • Grades 2-8 will play half court

Team Size

  • Each team must have their roster and be registered with their team by the pre-determined entry deadline. Due to available time and space, teams may be limited; in that event the completed rosters will be taken first come.
  • Each team must start with the minimum number of players required for tournament. Each team is allowed to have one additional player for substitutions. Each team can finish the current game with any number of players under the max for the grade level.
  • Grade 2- 8: Play 3-on-3 tournaments - with Max total players per team being

Game Warm Up

  • Before games both teams will warm up at the same tim
  • Swishin’ for Mission will provide 1 ball per team for warm up
  • No dunking during warm up.

Tournament Rules

  • Game schedule:
    Warm-up: 5 minutes
    Rules: 2 minutes
    Game Play: 20 minutes
  • Five-minute forfeit time will be enforced
  • Each team is allowed 2 - 30 second time-out
  • Substitutions will be allowed anytime that play has stopped
  • In case of obvious injury only, a one-minute special time-out will be allowed for substitution of that player
  • A coin flip before the start of the game will determine who gets the ball first
  • The ball will change possession after scored baskets and jump balls.


  • We will have referees at this tournament.
  • The referees will be in charge of the schedule, time clock and score.

Game Rules

  • Each game will be played to 15, by ones
  • Team that is first to 15 or ahead after 20 minutes wins the game
  • Referees will keep official time
  • Time will only stop for time-outs
  • Start of play:
    • 2nd-8th: Ball must be checked by an opposing player before its put into play. After the ball is checked it may be passed or dribbled into play
  • 2nd-8th: Ball will be taken to back court line after each made basket or turnover of possession. Failure to take the ball back will result in loss of possession. Player’s whole body must cross the backcourt line.
  • If the score is tied at the end of 20 minutes, a 2-minute overtime will start; possession will be determined by a coin flip
  • In overtime, the team that gets to 15 first or is ahead after the 2 minutes wins the game
  • If the score is tied after the 2 minute overtime, sudden death free throw begin
  • During sudden death, each player (3 per team) will shoot one foul shot. The team making the most foul shots wins the game
  • Games tied after sudden death free throws will repeat the process until a winner is declared
  • Change of possession (jump ball) will go to the team starting the game on defense first and will alternate each time thereafter


  • All fouls and other infractions will be played out-of-bounds at the backcourt line (2nd-8th grade).
  • No Foul shots are awarded until the team reaches 7 fouls. For that foul and any foul thereafter, one free throw will be awarded even if its a shooting foul.
  • Flagrant fouls or continuous misconduct will result in immediate forfeiture and disqualification from the tournament; this will be determined by the referee.
  • Constant disputing and disruption of the game will not be tolerated. The court monitor or Tournament Director can stop the game and decide the outcome - with the possible result disqualification of both teams from the tournament.