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Your Light Has Come

Jan 7, 2018 - Rev. Victoria Robb Powers

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Epiphany is one of those church holy days that is often forgotten in our modern Protestant churches, but through the incarnation of God in Jesus we see that there is a light for each of us. God is persistently inviting us from Bethlehem to Calvary. Like the star the Magi followed, a Light has come for us that calls us to a new place and a new way of life.

Often, the transitions and changes that come with these divine invitations seem too difficult, and the Magi probably would have preferred to stay home than to embark on a long journey, but they were compelled by the light of the star to seek Jesus. Similarly, we all have a light guiding us to Jesus and beckoning us – opportunities, insights, loss, and pain can all be God’s invitation for us. We don’t always know where it will lead, but the journey of faith frequently involves losing sight of the shore we left.

How do we experience God’s guiding and beckoning life?

God’s light is always a single light that shines before us. God rarely shines with sunlight that illuminates the entire landscape around us but will show us enough that we can see our next steps.

Like Herod guided the Magi to Jesus and influenced them to take another way home, we are often guided by sin, evil influences, and suffering in our life. God is there beckoning us, even in those times of struggle and suffering.

Finally, we are guided by each other in this community of travelers that sojourn together. Together we struggle and celebrate through life and follow the light of Christ side-by-side.

Epiphany and the revealing of God incarnate in Jesus Christ reminds us that our light has come, and we can take a step at a time, trusting that God has placed us on this path for a reason. We need not see everything right now, but we can trust in a loving God and walk in faith.

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