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Whose Commission?

Jun 11, 2017 - Rev. Victoria Robb Powers

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This was Trinity Sunday – the church's celebration of one of our most complex and confusing doctrines. In the fourth century, theologians created the doctrine of one God in three persons to articulate the essence of God’s identity, but why does the doctrine of the Trinity matter for us?

In the creation story of Genesis chapter one, God refers to God’s self as “us” and makes humankind in “our” image. While the Trinity was not yet a doctrine at that time, we read about a God who exists in constant community with God’s self, creating something beautiful and hopeful out of the chaotic darkness.

When we hear of God’s creative power, the Trinity is no longer a dry, dusty doctrine from several centuries ago, but tells of the dance within God’s own being that beckons us onto the dance floor to join in God’s work of hope, justice, and creation.

Because God is in constant community, and we are created in God’s own image, we are reminded of the divine connection between us and all of humanity. Despite our desires to be independent and self-reliant, inter-dependence on God and each other is what will transform our world as we obey Jesus’ Great Commission to go and invite people to community with the Triune God and all of humanity.

Food for Thought:

  • Consider the connection between all of us as the Cox Chapel community; we are all united as children of a communal God. Take a moment of silence to reflect on your personal connection with God and give thanks for our community.
  • Larry James, a minister at HPUMC and CEO of CitySquare, often says that, “Homelessness is not an economic problem. Homelessness is a relationship problem.” Is God inviting you to a new relationship in our city that my give hope to someone else?
  • God’s creative work, bringing hope and light to dark and hopeless corners of our lives, did not end when God rested on the 7th day. Pray today for the suffering members of our community to experience God’s hopeful creation.


May you be filled with the creative breath of the Triune God this week. May you be filled with light and life so that you may also breathe out love and hope to those around you. Amen

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