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When God Calls

Jun 7, 2015 - Rev Matt Tuggle

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Family Connection:

Matt listed 5 things we can do to help listen for God’s voice: pray, read the bible, talk to Christian friends, listen to worship music, and journal. Spend some time this week doing one or more of these things together as a family.

We enjoyed another beautiful morning in The Chapel this week! We started our new series called Rise- a three week sermon series about how all of us can be prophets. We hope you’ll come this Sunday, and bring a friend with you!

Rise: When God Calls
“Prophet” might not be a title you would ever have given yourself. I think a lot of us associate the word “prophet” with the old stories we hear in the bible. We think about people who do incredible and huge things.

Here is all a prophet really is: A prophet is someone who receives something from God and shares it with someone else.

I’ve you ever read a bible verse and passed it on to someone else, or even posted it on social media, you’re a prophet. If you’ve spoken truth to or shared inspiration with someone, you’re a prophet.

Being a prophet doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move to Africa or become a pastor (but for some of you, it might). In fact, the first step is pretty simple.

When God speaks, prophets listen.

The first step in living as a prophet is to simply listen to what God might be telling you, listen to what he might be calling you to do. Some bigger steps may follow, but all it takes to get started is to actively listen for God in your life.

Matt offered 5 ways to do this:
1. Pray
2. Read scripture
3. Talk to a Christian friend
4. Listen to worship music
5. Journal

Spend this week actively listening for God to speak into your life. There may be something incredible in store for you!

Reading Schedule:
Tuesday: Jeremiah 26:1-6
Wednesday: Jeremiah 26:7-11
Thursday: Jeremiah 26:12-18
Friday: Jeremiah 26:19-24


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