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What are you looking for? (The Chapel)

Jan 25, 2015 - Rev Matt Tuggle

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Family Connection:

Spend time this week reading the scripture each day as a family. Each week we will provide a few conversation starters for families to engage in further dialogue about the week's message.

  • This week Matt talked about the "want behind the want." He wanted to buy his son Legos, but actually what he really wanted to do was to play with the Legos himself. Have each person in your family share a time when on the surface they wanted something, but in looking back, it really was about more than the surface level desire.
  • Share a time when you have desired acceptance. Maybe it was with a group of friends at school, or maybe you wanted to fit in at work or receive affirmation from your boss. What does being accepted mean to you?
  • Have each person in the family share a few things that "identify" them. (i.e. mother, employee, student, etc.) Do you think these labels define who you are? Why or why not?

This week in The Chapel we launched our new service by looking at the first words Jesus speaks in the book of John. He begins with a question:  "What are you looking for?" It's this question with which Jesus chooses to begin his ministry and it's this question that we all, at some point, have to wrestle with: "What are we looking for?"  Or, "what are we looking for, really?"

There's power in identifying what we're calling "The Want Behind the Want." Our desires for success and strong relationships and recognition are healthy desires, but they're surface desires with deeper desires behind them. Under our desire for success, for example, is our desire for identity. Behind our desire for relationships is our desire for acceptance. Our deepest desires seem to come down to three things, we desire: Acceptance, Identity, and Purpose.

Fortunately, Jesus is an expert at meeting these three desires. In fact, when we find what we're looking for really, we find that there's really only one place to look. On in Christ can we find ultimate acceptance, identity, and purpose, and it is through the Church that God works to help us find what we're looking for. The Chapel will be a place where we can find what we are looking for. The Chapel will also be a place where we'll have the opportunity to help others to find their acceptance, identity, and purpose as well.

Reading Schedule:
Tuesday: John 1:1-34
Wednesday: John 1:35-51
Thursday: John 2:1-12
Friday: John 2:13-24
Saturday: Reread or Catch Up

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