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The Failure of Success

Feb 8, 2015 - Rev Andrew Forrest

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Reflection Questions

Which of these three truths most challenges you? Which of these three truths do you find most convicting?

How would you live differently if you incorporated these three truths into your daily life? What would look different about your life?

As we continue to study the story of Joseph, what stands out to you in Genesis 41? What new insights do you learn about God?

This week in Cornerstone we continued our sermon series, Joseph, looking at the life of Joseph as reflected in the book of Genesis. 

As the second part in this three-part series, Rev. Andrew Forrest posed the question: What if the road to failure is paved with success?

Re-read Genesis 41. After being forgotten by the chief cupbearer, Joseph remains in prison for two years. The chief cupbearer then remembers Joseph's gift of dream interpretation and tells Pharaoh that Joseph would be able to interpret a puzzling dream Pharaoh has had. When asked by Pharaoh about his ability, Joseph openly credits God with his gift (see verse 16).  Joseph understands that any success he receives is a gift from God and that God has blessed him. Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream and advises him to prepare for future famine. Pharaoh then puts Joseph as the second-in-command of Egypt. Joseph is raised virtually overnight from the prison to the palace. He uses his position and power for excellence and to provide food for the rest of the known world. God raises Joseph up to be a blessing to the hungry.

Andrew explained that we can glean three truths from this passage that apply to our lives.

1.  Success isn't earned. Your success has not been earned by you no matter how hard you work or how talented you are. Success is something to be received as a gift from God. Anything we have is a gift from God. If you believe that your success is something you have earned, when things come against you and challenges arise, you become crushed -- because you think that you deserve success.

2.  Because success is a gift, faith cannot be private.  When you understand success comes from God, you can't help but talk about the goodness of God and the blessings God has given you.

3.  You aren't the point. The success and blessings that God has given you are not for you nor are they about you. They are gifts that are meant to be used for others. God is constantly at work to bring about redemption and He uses us as part of His great work. You have no idea what rests in how you handle your success.

If we understand success as a gift from God, our entire perspective changes. We become more generous and more open to God for Him to use each of us in incredible ways for His redemptive plan. As Andrew reminded us -- God's purposes in this world are the whole point. 

Blessings and peace in Christ,

Ramsey P.
Associate Pastor, Cornerstone

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