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Speechless Before God

Oct 15, 2017 - Rev. Dr. Steve Long

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Silence before God is often appropriate and beneficial. Silence is a key part of many spiritual retreats, some entire monastic traditions, and certain types of theology. However, silence is not always the proper response to God.

At times, we must speak by putting our questions to God. In times of personal, social, or natural catastrophes, we have all cried out to God with our pain and our deep questions. In fact, we show our faith and our hope by putting questions to God. If we think there is no god and everything happens by chance, then why bother crying out? But if there is a God who created a good world, then we cry out about injustice to ask “why” and implore for grace.

In our Gospel text, the king asks a man where his wedding garments are, but he is speechless. Similarly, God asks us each Sunday where our Christian wedding clothes are. Our response is to speak, and show that we are properly clothed for the Christian life by putting on Christ – a garment we take at baptism, and then we spend our life putting on Christ and trying to wear him well.

Silence is often appropriate, but sometimes we need to speak. We need to put our questions to God, and answer God about where our wedding garments are. Through our communion and our good deeds inspired by communion, we show that Christ is our garment.

Food for Thought:

  • Many of us are suffering in our bodies and souls, or suffering alongside our loved ones in some way. Rest assured that God can handle your questions, and respond in faith by crying out for grace.
  • Are there times that God has spoken to you, but you have remained speechless? Consider the deeds you may have left undone that God is inviting you to do this week.
  • Who is someone in your life that wears Christ well – a person who shows the love of Jesus to you? Thank God for that person and let them know of your gratitude.

May you find hope and joy that we can cry out for God to make our world a better place. May you grow more skilled at putting on Christ in your daily life. Amen.

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