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Risk and Reward

Oct 8, 2017 - Jared Jaggers

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Jesus’ parable in Matthew challenged the religious people of his day to consider whether they were truly producing the fruit of the Kingdom of God, and it prompts us to consider the same. Thankfully, during our annual generosity campaign, we have the opportunity to reflect on the ways that HPUMC is indeed impacting our world with God’s good news.

We should pause from time-to-time and take note of the ways in which we are producing good fruit for the Kingdom. In the midst of life’s challenges, and our news cycles showing us all of the evil in the world around us, we find hope by giving attention to the good work being done by the church for the Kingdom of God.

Through the ministries of our church and the work of our outreach partners, lives and communities around us are transformed in meaningful ways. Within our church, thousands of people each week find a home and experience personal transformation and spiritual growth.

The gospel work that our church is doing can empower and maintain our hope, and remind us of the need to invest ourselves in that work. As we make the investment of our time, energy, and money we know that it will produce an infinitely valuable return – lives saved and transformed by Jesus’ good news.

Together, let us be faithful stewards of what God has given us, using our skills and resources to cultivate the Kingdom of God.

Food for Thought:

  • Click here to hear stories about the impact that HPUMC has within our church and beyond. Give thanks today for the ways in which the HPUMC community has transformed your life in some way.
  • Is God inviting you to participate in the ministries of HPUMC in a new or different way? Prayerfully consider how you might volunteer or how much you may pledge to give in the coming year.
  • The church is made up of all of God’s people. Consider how you can show the ministry of the church to people through your personal life. Is there someone whose path you cross and in whom you may be able to invest?

May you experience the grace of God anew through the ministry of our church, and may you carry the good news of Jesus Christ with you daily. Amen.

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