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Raising Lazarus

Mar 29, 2015 - Rev Matt Tuggle

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Family Connection:

Spend time this week reading the scripture each day as a family. Each week we will provide a few conversation starters for families to engage in further dialogue about the week's message.

  • Share a time when you were in a tough situation and had to wrestle with the worst possible outcome. How did identifying the worst outcome change the way you handled the situation?
  • The story of the raising of Lazarus from the dead shows us that God is worthy of our trust even in death. Matt challenged us to consider what else we can trust Jesus with if we can trust him after we die. Share something that that you currently have trouble trusting him with.
  • Because he is worthy of our trust, Jesus wants to use us to do incredible things for God's glory. Matt gave us 3 specific actions that can help us in any situation: 1) Invite God to guide us, 2) Listen for God's guidance, and 3) Act on God's guidance. Share with one another how you can implement or strengthen these things into your daily routine right now.

What a beautiful day to get to worship the Lord with you all yesterday! There is something so sacred about reflecting on resurrection in the spring. It was such a joy to do that with you yesterday.

We want to invite you all to join us for the Good Friday service being held in The Chapel this Friday, April 3rd at 7pm. The youth choir and a few of The Chapel’s regular worship leaders will lead us in song, there will be several readings from the book of Mark, and Rev. Matt Tuggle will be giving a sermon. We hope to see you there!

This coming Sunday is Easter, and although we will not have our regular Chapel service, we hope you will still choose to worship at HPUMC that morning. There are several services happening throughout the morning. For more information, visit

We’ll be back in The Chapel Sunday, April 12th to wrap up our 7 Signs series by looking at Jesus’ greatest miracle of all, his resurrection. We can’t wait to worship with you again, and we hope to see you there!

7 Signs: The Final Sign

Yesterday, Matt talked quite a bit about a topic we don’t often talk very much about. He talked about death and what it means to trust Jesus with everything, even to the point of death. We looked at the final sign Jesus performs before his death and resurrection: raising Lazarus from the dead. 

We spend a lot of time thinking in terms of the worst case scenario. We worry about what will happen in certain anxiety-inducing situations, and we often take it to the extreme. We fear the worst. In just about any situation, death would be considered the worst case scenario. The story of Jesus raising Lazarus helps us to see that even in death, even in what we consider to be the worst case scenario, we can still trust Jesus.

After Lazarus has been dead four days, Jesus goes to the tomb and he tells him to come out. When he comes out, the bible still refers to Lazarus as a dead man. It isn’t until after Jesus gives the command, “unbind him,” that he is brought back to life. He may have been talking to the people around him to physically take off what was wrapped around his body, but it is also very possible that Jesus’s command was directed at death itself. We see here that Jesus is greater even than death.

Both in our physical death and in our spiritual death, we can trust Jesus. When Jesus called out to death, “unbind him!” he was saying, “he is mine, and he is coming with me.” He has power even in our worst, worst case scenario. 

If we can trust him with what happens after we die, we can certainly trust him with what happens after we _____. After we lose our job. After we get that diagnosis. After we make huge mistakes or take giant risks. There is nothing that we cannot trust him with.

To wrap up the series, Matt offered advice about how to put trusting Jesus into practice: 1. invite 2. listen 3. act. 

1. We must first invite God to guide us.

2. Once we’ve done that, we have to actually listen for his guidance. We have to really listen.

3. And finally, we need to act on that guidance.

If we want to take our trust in Jesus to the next level, we have to do all of these things. 

Jesus is trustworthy with the smallest details, but also with the huge extremes of life and death. Because he is the conqueror of death, there is truly nothing that we cannot trust him with.

Reading Schedule:

Monday: John 19:1-16
Tuesday: John 19:17-30
Wednesday: John 19:31-42
Thursday: John 20:1-23
Friday: John 20:24-21:14
Saturday: John 21:15-25


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