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Losing Control: Direction

Sep 3, 2017 - Rev. Victoria Robb Powers

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Moses at the burning bush is a familiar story for most of us. This week we continue the theme of relinquishing to receive, and we look to this familiar story for some of God’s new work for us to hear.

Christians, as well as the authors of the Bible, have a tendency to idolize Moses. However, in this scene, the prophet is hapless and confused. He refers to himself as an alien in a foreign land, and his new normal has become to hide from his past and tend his flock. Then one day when he ventured beyond his normal routine and took the flock beyond the wilderness, he found the now-famous burning bush.

An angel appeared to Moses out of the burning bush and, as Moses turned aside, God took over the encounter and called Moses to become the hero we celebrate today. When Moses made the decision to turn aside, he discovered his divine calling and what his life was really about.

Faith always calls us to detours; to turn aside from our own path to hear from God. We are often called to give up our own sense of direction to find God’s path for us. There are burning bushes all around us, where God can be seen and heard, but we must be willing to give up our sense of direction to see them and we must be willing to be changed by turning aside to them.

God is waiting in our periphery. Turn aside and hear God calling you, and let the holy fire of God’s will burn in you.

Food for Thought:

  • We all have times when it’s hard to imagine God speaking at all. Meditate for a few moments on how God’s voice might be heard in events or people around you. Thank God for this grace.
  • God called Moses for a very specific purpose – to liberate the enslaved people of Israel. Is God inviting you to participate in or give to the work of justice?
  • What wonders have you seen, but refused to turn aside and risk God changing your direction? Pray for the courage to seek God’s direction for you..

May you be aware of the places in your life today that God is present and calling to you. May you have the courage to turn aside and receive something better from God than you could ever take for yourself. Amen.

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