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Mar 11, 2018 - Jared Jaggers

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John's Gospel views the world as a place in which darkness and evil currently have the upper hand, but envisions a coming age in which God's Kingdom will become reality and goodness will win. John calls on people to look to Jesus as the salvation from darkness and evil to an eternal life that begins here and now.

An eternal life is one that embodies heaven on earth - a way of living that demonstrates God's goodness and new creation. We need not wait until death for eternal life to begin because Jesus has already come as the light of the world, and was raised up on the cross as the anti-venom to the poisonous evil in our world.

John writes that those who love the darkness are judged because of their evil. However, in the electric world of the 21st century, many of us love the light because it's easier that way. We don't love the light of Christ that illuminates evil, but we love a florescent light that makes everything look flat and bright. In fact, we get uncomfortable even talking about the darkness of evil.

If we want to trust Jesus as our salvation, or we want to live a life that brings God's kingdom, we have to first give our attention to the darkness in our own hearts and in our society. We are created in the image of God, and we have the capacity for good and evil. Our society is full of good people, and we also see dark evils that bring violence and death to people.

This lent, we turn our attention to the darkness so that we become self-aware of the need for salvation. We then can look to Jesus and be saved.

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