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Justice (The Chapel)

Jul 5, 2015 - Kris Keller

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Family Connection:

On Sunday, we talked about fairness, justice, and grace.

Can you remember a time you felt like something was unfair? How did you react?

What does justice mean to you? Discuss as a family.

What are some opportunities you might have to show people grace?

We had a great morning continuing our Elevate series this past weekend. 

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Elevate: Justice
We develop an understanding of justice at a very early age. We think it isn’t fair for someone else to get more than we have. We deny the fact that we deserve certain punishments. We believe we’re entitled to something.

We’ve been made to believe that if we work hard, we deserve to be compensated accordingly. If we work harder or longer than someone else, we deserve more.

The parable of the laborers in the vineyard in Matthew 20 exemplifies this perfectly. A vineyard owner hires workers to begin at dawn and work all day; he promises them a day’s wage. Throughout the day, more and more workers begin working at different times of the day. When it comes time to receive their wages, it turns out that everyone has earned the same amount. This doesn’t seem fair to the people who had been working all day, but the vineyard owner says, “are you envious that I am generous?"

We are products of life not being fair, in the best way possible. God is quite generous with us. When we were yet sinners, he generously gave us grace that we did not deserve.

Our idea of justice is fairness, but God’s idea of justice is grace. When we are elevated in our sense of justice, we begin to be generous with the grace that we give as well.

When given the opportunity to tip, we can give what we feel is fair and let our generosity be contingent upon performance, or we can simply be generous with no strings attached. We can offer help to someone in need, regardless of whose fault it is that they are in that position. When fighting through traffic, we can let someone in whether they deserve it or not. There are countless opportunities day by day for us to show our fellow humans grace. Elevated justice is about seeing and then seizing those opportunities.

Elevated justice is not about doling out what is deserved, and thank God for that! None of us would thrive in a world where we are only given what we deserved. Through elevated justice, we can see the world in a new way and look for opportunities to offer grace just as we have received it.

Reading Schedule:
Wednesday: Luke 18:1-8
Thursday: Luke 18:9-17
Friday: Luke 18:18-30
Saturday: Luke 18:31-43


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