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It is Good for Us to be Here

Feb 11, 2018 - Rev. Victoria Robb Powers

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This week we observed Transfiguration Sunday, the odd story in which Jesus is transformed in front of Peter, James, and John on a mountaintop – God’s glory shines from him and a Divine voice speaks a blessing over him and a command to listen to him. Moses and Elijah even appear there with Jesus. Jesus was transformed from human form into a representation of God’s glory This miracle is unlike many others because the Transfiguration happens TO Jesus rather than being performed by Jesus, and this miracle is an invitation for us to be transformed as well.

Peter suggests that they build tents, or shrines on the spot to commemorate this great moment, but the story tells us that his suggestion came because he was terrified and didn’t know what else to say. He simply responded to God’s glory the way that his faith had taught him; by building a tabernacle to house God. Often, we find ourselves afraid of what seems to be God’s glory as well – we’re intimidated by trying to make sense of our own religious experiences.

However, perhaps this story isn’t intended to be fully figured out and our encounters with God aren’t always about making sense of them. What if the point is not the meaning of God’s glory, but simply entering into the cloud in which God is shining?

We are invited to focus our attention on Jesus alone and to glimpse the glory of God, and in some mysterious way we will find ourselves transfigured. After these miraculous events, the disciples end up simply beholding Jesus himself. We need not always interpret or decode God, but we give our attention to Christ. When we focus on Jesus alone, God has the power to transform us and we find ourselves Transfigured in some way to look a little more like Jesus than we did before.

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